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Latex mattress for pinpoint elasticity

Pirelli mattresses have a latex core. Latex offers high point elasticity. In other words: The mattress yields exactly where pressure is exerted and adapts perfectly to the body shape. The high elasticity is particularly important to ensure a straight spine when in lateral position. A Pirelli mattress is perfect for people prefering to sink deep into the mattress and lay down softer. Nonetheless, a harder lying comfort is possible as Pirelli mattresses are available in different hardness grades.

Pirelli mattress is suitable for allergy sufferers

Pirelli's latex mattresses are breathable and first choice for mite allergy sufferers. The cells in the latex foam are so tiny that mites cannot nest in the mattress. As opposed to memory foam, latex recovers it's original form more quickly. Frequent position changing while sleeping are no longer a problem. Air ventilation ducts in the Pirelli mattress ensure a perfect sleeping climate. Latex is soft and resilient, so muscles are ideally supported and can truly recover while sleeping.