• Simmons mattress model Crepuscule medium firm
  • Simmons mattress model Fascination
  • Simmons mattress model Zenith medium firm


Inventor of mattress with Pocket spring core system

As inventor of the mattress with pocket spring core system, Simmons constitutes THE reference in their field of work since 1929. All European Simmons mattresses are manufactured in France, according to strict quality standards.

Simmons stands for high quality sleeping comfort and longevity. Furthermore, Simmons continuously works on improving their mattresses and has introduced several technological innovations to the market:

  • No-Flip®: No needto turn over your mattress with the changing of seasons - Your mattress adapts perfectly to the prevailing climate.
  • Duetto®: The double pocket spring core balances the pressure even better; for a perfectly anatomic support of the body.
  • Fullsoft®: The patented spring core technology allows a high quality lying comfort.
  • Sensoft®: The springs are made of high-quality steel to ensure durability.

What is the Simmons pocket spring core system?

On a pocket spring core system mattress, each spring contains a breathable hypo-allergenic fleece pocket. The springs are weld at the side at multiple points and react independently from each other on weight and pressure. That's why a Simmon mattress adapts pinpoint to your body contours. It supports you only where needed and yields when exposed to pressure - no matter which sleeping position you prefer. Pocket core system mattresses are generally well aerated and very durable.